Water Management


ensen offers innovative water management services to its clients.  By having Jensen monitor irrigation usage, our clients have peace of mind, knowing that their landscapes are being irrigated effectively, efficiently and conservatively.

e use water management metrics and local climate knowledge to fine tune your irrigation schedule. We keep you informed with digital irrigation mapping and monthly updates to let you see how much water you are saving.


Some of Jensen’s Water Management benefits include:

  • Irrigation monitoring and scheduling based on historical ET and current weather conditions.
  • Adjustments to the irrigation programing based on current ET and weather conditions (real time adjustments can be made depending on irrigation equipment).
  • Irrigation scheduling based on area priority.
  • Digital irrigation mapping showing existing irrigation equipment locations.
  • Digital irrigation color charts showing the zone location in relation to the site.
  • Monthly irrigation meter readings.
  • Monthly irrigation reports showing actual usage and water cost.
  • Monthly reports showing actual use vs projected use and its respective cost savings.

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