Our History

stablished in 1969 by Fred Jensen, the company began with only 3 employees. Today, Jensen has over 350 dedicated employees that serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Napa Valley, Central Valley and Monterey Bay regions.

Fred Jensen, a Danish stonemason, arrived in Northern California in March 1962, Seeking a climate where he could work year-round. In 1982, Mr. Jensen sold the Company to his estimator, Duane Wasson and his superintendent, Scott McGilvary. In the thirty years following this purchase, Jensen has become one of the industry leaders in landscape construction in Northern California.

Throughout the years, Jensen has continued to grow. In 1999, Jensen purchased a landscape maintenance company, Jensen Landscape Services, Inc to further its diversification in the landscape industry. Then, in 2008, Jensen bought Huppe Landscape to expand into the North Bay and Sacramento and serve clients in that area.

In early 2016, Jensen became part of Monarch Landscape Companies, taking an exciting step towards the future of the company. Jensen and Monarch share a leadership group filled with experienced, front-line landscapers and a work atmosphere that understands and values landscape expertise.

As the company continues to grow, Jensen customers will appreciate seeing the same people delivering the high level of service they’ve come to expect from Jensen at their properties, now and in the future.