Jensen Corporation Landscape Contractors and Subsidiaries announce new logo and brand.

Cupertino, CA – August 6, 2005 – Jensen Corporation Landscape Contractors, a leading provider of landscape site work construction and maintenance, announced that over the next few months, it will launch its new image. The new image will include a new logo and brand for all of its companies. The logo is comprised of four squares with an italicized “J” running through three of the squares. The name “Jensen” is imprinted below the four squares. The new logo focuses on the future of Jensen yet maintains the traditional red color and black lettering. The three squares which the “J” intersects, represents Jensen’s focus on its customers, employees, and the company. The fourth remaining untouched square represents Jensen’s future, open to all possibilities.

Jensen had its unveiling of the new logo at the Company picnic held on August 6, 2005. Present were employees and their families, vendors, and alumni of the Company. Over 500 hats and shirts were distributed with the logo imprinted.

Over the next few months Jensen’s fleet and remaining marketing materials will be imprinted with the new brand.

About Jensen Corporation Landscape Contractors

Jensen is a leading provider of landscape construction and maintenance services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, with branch operations from Napa to Monterey. Focused on improved processes, Jensen provides site work development for large scale construction projects and landscape maintenance services for both private and public sectors. Its flagship projects include the Pacific Shores Center, Walnut Creek Veterans Memorial, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle Headquarters. For further information, please visit Jensen’s website at