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Just a Dribble, Then a Flood: On the Status of California’s Water (Drought) and Public Policy

It’s going to be a wet weekend. After that? Who knows. Read up on the current trends in California climate and what action policy makers are taking to combat the drought.

December in California broke records for the sheets of epic rainfall that blanketed (and flooded) the state from tip to toe. Especially thirsty aquifers and rivers rose dramatically; some, like the Sacramento river, by as much as 8 ft. On Tuesday, Californians learned that they had aced their Water Use Report Card for the month of December… Read More

Commercial Landscape Spring Checklist

Spring is in the air! The trees are blooming, the birds are chirping and flowers are beginning to poke out of the dirt. This is the perfect time to get your commercial landscape property in pristine condition for the upcoming year. We all want a beautiful commercial property; here are a few suggestions for a successful spring season.

Alright, we’ve heard the news. Maybe the worst drought in California history. What’s missing from the headlines? What to do about it.

Well, look no further. Here are 5 pro tips from a real pro. Chris Files, Jensen Landscape Water Management Expert, gives you the low down on downsizing water consumption for your Homeowners Association. The real surprise? It’s easy. Mostly, these are things we should all be doing already. Read more…

It’s late January and New Year’s resolutions are withering in the cold. Don’t let redoing your landscaping be one of them.

Here are some sweet suggestions to reignite that creative streak and get you dreaming of green again. The best part of keeping this resolution? It keeps on giving year round. Your clients, your neighbors, AND their pets (ok, maybe not the pets), will get to enjoy the benefits of your newly beautiful office campus or yard. Read more…